Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA (05/02/2019)

Bill also featured Valence, Celestial Inferno, & Dopegoat

Flyer by Valence

The Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA (09/07/2019)

Bill also featured Jet Engine Dragons & Nineveh's Garden

Photographer unknown

Promo shots taken at Frazier Rowe Park, Decatur, GA (10/27/2019)

Photos by David Burger

The Vista Room (Opening for 3.2 featuring Robert Berry), Decatur, GA (10/27/2019)

Bill also featured Story of a Life

Flyer by Andrew Colyer

Photos by David Burger & Sean Tonar

Connect Live (PROGnosis Atlanta Festival), Acworth, GA (11/17/2019)

Bill also featured Surreal, Spurge, Identikit, Rian Adkinson, Help! Computer, & Not Otherwise Specified

Flyer by Daniel Graham

Video by Connect Live

Sweetwater Bar & Grill, Duluth, GA (12/21/2019)

Bill also featured Mobius & Dopegoat

Flyer by Sweetwater Bar & Grill