About Great Wide Nothing


Born out of a love of progressive rock but unmistakably shaped by their years spent in the trenches of the punk & emo-heavy Atlanta scene, Great Wide Nothing represents the unusual union of two seemingly opposite artistic ideals. On the one hand, the trio - comprising bassist/vocalist & primary songwriter Daniel Graham, keyboardist Dylan Porper & drummer Jeff Matthews - displays a propensity for complex, grandiose and technically demanding arrangements, doubtless inherited from prog's 70's forebears. On the other hand, they're adept at crafting memorable melodic hooks & their songs are marked by a particularly down-to-earth sense of earnestness and urgency; a preoccupation not so much with lofty metaphysics or D&D-style fantasy escapism as with the messy emotions and burning existential uncertainties of the human experience, as well as with all-too-real, all-too-relevant social and political issues. Then there are, of course, their performances: raw and energetic in ways that can only be learned in the sort of small, unpretentious, sweat-drenched spaces where art is made and enjoyed not as a luxury or an exercise in indulgence, but as an antidote to the isolating and draining effects of life's many struggles.

Over the course of their existence as a band, Great Wide Nothing has independently released three full-length studio albums (including the totally self-produced & self-recorded Hymns for Hungry Spirits, Volumes I & II) which have been met with glowing reviews and radio airplay from grassroots outlets around the globe. They've shared the stage with Grammy nominees and played extensively throughout the southeast. And they've done all this without the backing of a label, the assistance of an agent, or anything resembling a real budget. True to the DIY spirit, they've never waited for anyone's help or approval to do what they want, and despite numerous obstacles & constraints, the band has made something of a name for themselves this way - solely on the strength of their own ingenuity, the quality of their music, and the respect of their peers.